What my clients have to say.....

"We just wanted to let you know how much we love our home and all of the design you did over the past year! I loved working with you and felt so great about all your ideas and design.  You nailed exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you for making it so fun and easy.  We're so happy!"

Aimee Schwartz

"Last Sunday, I have 30+ people over for dinner who have never seen the house.  They walked in and were amazed how colorful, youthful and put-together the house looked.  I received compliments all night and some of the people, men and women, looked around and stared at the walls, furniture, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets etc consistently asking questions during their observations. I told them I had an excellent designer and all I told her was “I wanted a ‘happy house". Everyone said in unison, “she nailed it!”. I was so proud and happy that I want to thank you for making my home the way I feel inside."   

Donna Reischel

"You listened to our needs/wants and found creative ways to achieve them, while also taking into consideration our personal style. You also steered us into things you knew we'd love and helped us push the envelope with style.  For example, everyone comments on the two islands in the kitchen. It helps the flow of traffic during parties and works great during everyday use. It maximizes space and looks amazing with the dramatic countertops." 

Nancy Zuercher

"We have been working with Shawna for the past year to update multiple rooms in our house.  She consistently comes up with options and concepts that work with our taste and style, while introducing creative ideas that extend our comfort zone.  She always gives her honest opinion and follows up on any questions that we have.  The results have been amazing!  We will definitely bring her in for additional help in the future and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great designer."

Catherine Petruzzi

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Shawna. She truly listened to our wants & needs for the space and came up with a plan that really fits how we use the space. We also appreciated that she was willing to offer as much or as little direction as we wanted at each stage in the process. This really helped us stay within our budget and gave us a sense of ownership with the design." 

Matt & Susan Canetto

"Shawna is one of the most talented and resourceful designers I’ve ever worked with.  Her attention to detail, creative insight, and extensive design experience has made her an invaluable member of our organization."  

Victor Mitchell, CEO Essence Homes

"Shawna has worked with me on every room in my house and the feel of the house has changed 100%. I think the way she achieved this was by us trusting what she was advising even when we didn't get it.   We did not stand in the way of her expertise and at times just trusted what she said and “jumped”, so to speak.  We do not regret any of it!"


Julie Snook